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18: ISA Stories "Jessica and Jeff" - poem "Hope"

Music for the interview portion of this episode was found at: - Track "Deliberation"


No one can feel it

Quite like we do

When we go through something hard

No one was hit

The way that we were

When we were caught off guard

Life can throw

Some interesting curves

And change our paths completely

People can throw

Some interesting words

And discourage us very easily

We were

On the face track


In the fast lane

And things came to a screeching halt

We were

Making big plans

And doing big things

When pieces didn’t fall together as they ought

But there is hope

I believe

That whoever thinks their life is over

Has only just begun

Because the only way to go is up

When you feel you’ve hit the bottom rung


Is a time of understanding

As we unravel what we don’t know


Is a time of release

As we find new reasons to grow

Sometimes truth

Is only heard

After we have experienced all the lies

And love

Is only felt

After many tears have fallen from our eyes

So what’s the point?

The point is, that in the end

Life begins

Understanding comes

Confinement ends

Truth is heard

And love is felt

So there Must.Be.Hope.

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