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38: SPECIAL - Suicide Awareness with Dr. Debbie Stevens

So far in 2018 we have been rocked by the loss of life from some very public figures, i.e. Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain just to name two. And while these may have gotten the most attention, the statistics show that suicide is a growing and very prevalent issue impacting almost every one of us in one way or another. Just like our Domestic Violence episode, I want to be sure that this podcast does not ignore the difficult topics or life issues and I want to be sure that we are getting the tools to "live a healthier life" even if it means discussing a topic that may make us uncomfortable.

In this episode I had the opportunity to speak with mental health professional Dr. Debbie Stevens. We talk about the intersection of mental health and Christianity, how to talk to your family or friends about suicide, ways that Christians can better breach or discuss the topic, how we felt about the series "13 Reasons Why", and how to get help if you are having these thoughts and feelings.

Dr. Debbie Stevens Contact Information:

She provides mental health services at:

A special shoutout was given in this episode to the Fireflies Unite Podcast with Kea so definitely check her out.

Just as I was recording this episode, we learned that Pastor Andrew Stoecklein, of Inland Hills Church in Chino, CA, lost his life due to a suicide attempt the night before. His death has left many hurting, wondering why, and asking many questions. There is a lot from Andrew's story and the commentary surrounding his death that can give us insight into the stress he was under just before taking his life and a possible understanding of God's response.

See the last sermon Pastor Stoecklein preached before his attempt, and immediately after being instructed to take a sabbatical because of a recent nervous breakdown:

See the commentary video after Pastor Stoecklein's funeral. I believe this video helps to reinforce what we communicated in this episode regarding God's ability to understand and cover and receive us, even when we are in deep, deep pain:

Other Resources:

National Alliance on Mental Health Illness:

Suicide Prevention Resource Center:

Text GO to 741741

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Call 1-800-273-8255 (TALK)

Available 24 hours everyday

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