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9: "The Talk" by Jon Goode

From this week's episode:

“I studied comedians, I studied motivational speakers, I studied preachers, I studied all of them. Anyone that can stand on a stage for an hour with just a microphone, I’m looking at what they’re doing.” Jon Goode

"Part of my audience is the rider of the number 15 bus down Candler Rd. If a rider on the 15 cannot pickup what I'm writing, read it and understand it...than I wrote it wrong." Jon Goode

"There's a danger in the world in general to see something that's successful and say 'I'm going to do that' and not just do that like 'I'm going to be that' and not just be that like 'I'm basically going to imitate that'. All you can do is give them a generic version of that....You gotta' figure out who you are and give people you...It should all sound unique, we're all unique people...Take the time to find your voice, who you are, and give that to your audience and to the people instead of giving them some knock off someone else or a lesser version of yourself." Jon Goode

Summary of tips from Jon Goode:

1) Study all those who perform the "spoken word". Study preachers, comedians, motivational speakers, and performance poets. Study anyone that is able to hold the attention of an audience for an extended period of time.

2) Know yourself - know your voice.

3) Do not make your writing so complex that it cannot be understood by the masses. Know your target audience.

4) Be forever a student, forever learning and improving. Never feel like you have arrived.

5) Go with your gut! Do not allow other people to tell you what YOU should do or how YOU should do it.

6) Don't quit your day job!

To get the words to "The Talk" Check out Jon Goode's Book "Conduit: [A collection of poems and short stories by Jon Goode]"

Booking Agency: The College Agency

Resources for self-publishing a book:

Other Poets mentioned in the Podcast:

Comedians mentioned in the Podcast:

Kevin Hart

Trevor Noah (Book: Born a Crime)

Neal Brennan (Netflix Show: 3 Mics)

Dave Chappelle

Bill Cosby

Eddie Murphy

Richard Pryor

If you are interested in learning more about how people of color view their status in this country or how you can be a knowledgeable advocate then please check out these resources.

Documentary: 13th on Netflix

Jon Goode Contact Information:

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