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26: Take A Knee by Celita

Instrumental “A Change is Gonna Come”:

Sam Cooke Sample - A Change is Gonna Come

If you are interested in gaining resources and education on how to foster discussions on racial reconciliation then I encourage you to visit the Be the Bridge website:

Take A Knee

As I put a leather whip in my grip

And adjust the fit so it can strip the skin off your back

With each whack

I’ve got to land the strap strategically

But you’re standing too high boy

I see too much pride boy

Do you want to die boy?

Take a knee

We see each other on opposite ends of sidewalks

And with each step the distance between us lessens

Walking brings into focus skin differences

The width of the path, will not allow both of us to pass

And my black skin is no match for your white shell

I’ve got to step down curbs and avert eyes

But it’s not enough, I can see

You thinking, better for you to bow boy

I’m better than you now boy

Don’t wait for death to show you how boy

To take a knee

Wife picking cotton in the fields

Sun shine down and belly swells with life

Water dripping from forehead cannot provide enough cool

To stay the heat beating and exhaustion building

Fainting is unacceptable and inevitable

Master comes down on her like a rushing bull

Beating her head and body

He makes you watch helplessly

And says

Beg for her life boy

Beg for your wife boy

Don’t you think twice boy

Take a knee

Arrested for possession

Three strikes ain’t learned your lesson

No one taught an education on addiction

We’ll criminalize your habit

Never mind why you have it

The officer is too scared of you to listen

Your case will never go to trial

Poverty will keep you locked up a long while

And soon you’ll be forced to take a plea

Don’t resist arrest boy

I’ll hit you in the chest boy

I’m wearing a bullet proof vest boy

Take a knee

Body left in the street

An example for the rest

This is what happens when you tangle with the police

Mom can’t believe what she see’s

Trying to catch her breath

Not sure if she’ll ever be able to find peace

They say he looked suspicious

The say he fit the profile

They say a neighbor called, “He’s walking dangerously”

You pray to God “they just don’t trust us”

You pray to God “they want to crush us”

You pray to God “please give me justice”

And take a knee

But I’m now offended by your docile position

When brought on by your own accord

Don’t use sports to remind me of your oppression

You’re not getting paid to show support

To your own issues and concerns

When you should be supporting my flag

I can’t have your cause front and center

When I’m so used to you at my back

So stand nigga stand

I come to watch you dance

Entertain me on the field

I pay to be entranced

You should listen to this advice and accept it gracefully

Play sports - that’s how you’re wired

So ungrateful, you should be fired

I’m so damn tired of

Take a knee

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