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5: Curb Appeal by Adan Bean

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From this week's episode:

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Adan Contact Information:

Below are the words from the poem "Curb Appeal", written and performed by Adan Bean.

Curb Appeal

Be as it may;

Home of the castaways

the city whispers

We fast and pray.

A sinner’s saturday

The saints of the latter-day,

From the Fabulous Fox

We're like a block away,

Courtland & Pine, where misfortunes align

the great disparity between your portion and mine

Such a morbid design, but of course with the time

that passes it has to start warping our mind

This familiar ugly

The foreign beauty

Amidst these redlined neighborhoods

You might find a ruby

There’s hidden gems

in plain sight

In this vicious world

Rufus Wainwright

[when you’re] limbo-ing the poverty line

your life is some kind of crime

Panhandle for dollar signs;

feeding me can get you fined

Medicate w/ freebase, drank or wine

Missing rungs on that ladder to success they want us to climb


“No handouts”

“I don’t carry cash”

"I got you next time”

“This is all I have”

Every decline to help

sounds super hollow

hungry belly with

only pride to swallow

The pebbles of the street

leave impressions on my cheek

today’s newspapers serve

as tonight’s bedsheet

Trying to make ends meet,

Locked in a dead heat

with survival and yet,

I’m racing with these lead feet

Just as well

(the streets of) Pratt & Bell

Prior to heaven

But after hell

Poverty’s Paradise

Vagrant Valhalla

Somewhere between the Inshallah

and the Our Father

The park is my kitchen

my livingroom is that bridge

my bed is that bench

and the trashcan is my fridge

Midtown, 4th Ward,

SW - too strong

The scabs of the city

Been picked at for too long

Foxes have holes, birds have nests, the son of Man has no place where he can rest.

Foxes have holes, birds have nests, the son of Man has no place where he can rest.


The poverty stricken

the inadequate

the indigent

the hapless

the penniless

the destitute

the only difference is...

...these guys rock a tie and suit.

Corporate Camouflage; 3 car garage

The McMansion expansion; opulent mirage

The 5 bedrooms; curb appeal, class struggle

The economy will commonly burst your housing bubble

The suburban sprawl

gaudy high rises

lock in the mortgage rate

'fore they increase prices

empty developments

vacant subdivisions

Cee-Lo told you that that gate could become a prison

Listen - nothing’s wrong if you and yours want a lawn

But a man’s castle is a hassle

if that's where his hearts drawn

A house ain’t a home;

let the government foreclose you;

it’s so true

A roof over your head, can ironically, expose you.

Foxes have holes, birds have nests, the son of Man has no place where he can rest

Foxes have holes, birds have nests, the son of Man has no place where he can rest.

"And it might not be such a bad idea if I never, never went home again..."

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