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8: Definition of a Freewrite (Writing for Freedom) by Maya J.T. Dawson

From this week's episode:

Watch Maya's interview on Father Swap - Following God When it Doesn't Make Sense: HERE

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Below are the words from the poem "Definition of a Freewrite", written and performed by Maya J.T. Dawson.

Definition of a Freewrite (Writing for Freedom)

I’m fighting for my life these days

One step at a time

One breath at a time

Cause at the age of 29 she left me

And two years later so did he

I refused to call myself an orphan

Because Daddy Most High

Has always been with me

But really?

Did I have to become the poster child

For footprints in the sand?

I’m used to lending a hand

Instead of asking for one

Being in control

Instead of losing it

And speaking of losing it

I am losing it

This battle it seems

Between generational curses

And Godly legacy

Between my will and His will

I was reeling through time

With no reason or rhyme

Wondering why this road was so hard

And life left me scarred

I chose the path of least resistance

Hoping my persistence

Would earn me a crown

But the ground was hitting back with low blows

I didn’t know it would be like this

How did I get here?

Sowing a seed

Without a harvest in sight

It wasn’t right

But I wanted righteousness

So I didn’t complain

And fought to stay sane

In this crazy world

I couldn’t win

Without losing

Or better yet fighting

So I took a knee

To gather my thoughts

And retain my place

Where wisdom speaks

And humility sings songs

Telling me less is more

And simplicity is beautiful

And yes I’m a mess

But the moment I admit it

He cleans me up

From the inside out

It was time for me to ask for help

And not just ask

But receive

Not just grieve

But cleave to the lover of my soul

You see all this time

He had been waiting for me

To tap into dependence

Daily that is

Not just when I’m down

Between a rock and a hard place

But when the sun is shining on my face

I need shades

To keep from blinding me

To what really matters

Family, Friends and Faith

All the stuff in the world is never enough

My heart need to be resuscitated

All clear

No fear

Just faith

It was time for me

To start living on my face

Resting in His grace

And trusting in something bigger than me

If I was going to survive

No scratch that…Thrive

I needed to reset some things

Forget some things

Sublet some things

In my heart

You see the heart

Is an interesting thing

It can grow cold and hard

Without me even knowing

Without me even showing


Bleakness creeps in

And before you know it

You’re friends with sin

Now choking the life out of you

I had to get back to better

No best

And rest in my weakness

Find strength in my meekness

Cause it’s not all about me

And I can’t do it on my own

This life is on loan

To see if I know what to do

When permanently residing

At the foot of the throne

This home is not my own

And I can’t take it with me

So what am I working so hard for?

Temporary gifts from the tooth fairy

Instead of eternal life from the truth fairy

How contrary

When Mary’s lamb

Should be the focus

Not some hocus pocus

Abbra cadabbra

This cadaver

Is but dust

Often lead by lust

Of the eyes

Lust of the flesh

And the pride of life

When I should be carrying myself

As the wife that I am

Married on earth

Engaged to a king

The reason why I sing

The author of being

Shedding His blood as the ring

You see I

Am betrothed to perfection

So despite the election

And it’s outcome

I know who holds the future

And I don’t have to fret

Over taxes and debt

Or even nuclear threats

Because this is not my home

And this body is on loan

Though it works to earn

Interest on every gift

Entrusted to me

I see past the temporal

And focus on the invisible

So now you see me

And how He freed me

From hypocrisy

From democracy

And this force we see

Called life as we know it

The true definition of a freewrite

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