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11: Hallelujah Cover and Spoken Word by Celita


I heard there was a secret cord

That David played and it pleased the lord

But you don't really care for music do ya

It goes like this the forth the fifth

The minor fall the major lift

That baffled king composing hallelujah 4x


And I had a secret chord as well

Whenever it was strum I responded

I was titillated by it constantly

Indulging in it regularly though it was bad for me

Trying to be free was a pipe dream

It was imagery that would elude

Even as my verbal desires would exude

My body’s desires to fall in line

I found myself in the same places

Engaged in the same disgraceful thing

Time after time

Freedom - what was that?

What was this idea that we could move without restraint

Live in unconditional love without worry of our own gains

Without feeling less than or lacking

Without exhausting ourselves from tracking

What we had left to accomplish, what we had left behind

What ailments we had left to heal,

What thoughts fixated our minds

What more we had to make right

In what ways I had to continue to fight

Its an opportunity to stop proving

An opportunity to keep moving in the right direction

And scream



Maybe I've been here before

I've seen this room I've walked this floor

I used to live alone before I knew ya

And I've seen your flag on the marvel arch

And love is not a victory march

It's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah 4x


You see, its not about my promises to God

Promises I can never keep

It’s not about what I give to Him or what He needs from me

It’s about my ability to acknowledge who He is

This is the key to being Free

He’s larger than my current battle

And regardless of my grime

He is deserving of my praise, my awe, my wonder

Every single time

I don’t have to figure out what to say

I don’t have to be clever or articulate

There’s a word been given to us

And so even if we get tight lipped

It’s a word that reaches out of the pits of our soul

And past the lustful heart

Slithers through the trachea

clearing throat of lies

Of tongues of hurt that tear people apart

It communicates to our Lord

I know I’m not, but I know I AM

And it states that You are greater

You are bigger than “I am”

Father I know that you know everything

There’s no way that I can fool ya

So my Love is not a victory march

It’s a cold and broken hallelujah


Maybe there's a God above

But all I've ever learned from love

Is how to go at somebody who out drew ya

And its not a cry that you hear at night

And it's not someone who had seen the Light

It's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah


I was stuck in my ways

Too unworthy to pray

Not knowing what to say

And it came

I remember I tested

That word and it bested

Me as I spoke and I kept it

All all same

In my room I was crying

It felt like a tomb I was dying

And I was tired of trying

To say the right things at the right time

In the right ways with the right frame of mind

I know You’re good, all the time

But I don’t want to just say you’re good right now

I want You to shine brighter than the fake fallen facade I once fancied

It's all you have to say

When all is done and spoken for

At the end of the day

When all have gone you've been hoping for

If you're thankful, if your sad

If your hurting, if your mad

If your joyful and you've had

Your share of empty prayers and spiritual ads

Promoting prosperity or riches

You've prayed your jabez up the tailpipe

You don't want to know any more secrets

It's Hallelujah that you should say at night

A praise of freedom in our declaration

Though our lives still desire emancipation

We speak through our cold and broken

And probably hope filled


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