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12: Dear TV Sitcoms by Amena Brown Owen

Amena Contact Information:

Amena and Missi's Podcast: Here for the Donuts


"What calls you to the page, shouldn't always be what you think is going to be really dope on stage"

"Every woman needs a place where she can be unedited"

"Remain in community with other poets that challenge you in your work"

What Makes a Good Spoken Word:

  1. If you are doing spoken word you should know where that rhythm comes from.

  2. Spoken word, when it is best done, is good story telling. More showing than telling.

  3. Spoken word should engage your senses. Tell me what it smelled like with your words.

  4. You should have the combination of being a good writer and being a good performer.

To get the words to "Dear TV Sitcoms" and the other poems mentioned in the podcast please check out Amena's Album "Amena Brown LIVE"

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