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Mania by Celita

Painting "Mania" created during a night of insomnia

Bipolar means in one place exist both a north and a south

Turn on one faucet and both hot and cold come out

Curses and blessings spew out of the same mouth

Bipolar, that’s what I’m talking about

I first discovered it

When depression hit

Like a ton of bricks

A pit and I couldn’t get out of it

A doctor said sit

A doctor said listen

Sounds like a bipolar diagnosis

Because highs accompanied it

The highs walked side-by-side


Could not sleep at night

Could not dream at night

Went to lay down my head

Beat each night

But never accomplished that simple feat each night

Never made it to sleep

Awake 5 days at a time

Awake 5 days and losing my mind

This – I was unsure what to make of

Did this painting one night to stay strong

Wish this creativity was the result of something positive

But I still gotta’ give

God His props for this

Because what I discovered is

That I was more talented

This painting erupted from my gut

During a rough spot at 2am plus

Unable to rest

I figured I’d make the best of that night

Sit upright

Put on my painting clothes

Turn on the light

And create something of worth alright

My mind couldn’t think straight

So I couldn’t paint straight

Nothing I could make sense of

Was coming out of this stuff

So I mixed colors

So I just mixed stuff

And the result of this was the finished work you see below

Let me introduce you to my “Mania”

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