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17: Real Wedding Vows by Celita

Real Wedding Vows

I thought about writing the typical Christian love poem

Quoting every part of 1 Corinthians chapter 13

But how many typical Christian love poems

Have we heard saying the same lines and the same things

Love is patient, love is kind, love is not boastful

Love keeps in mind

That we all make mistakes and I shouldn’t hold them against you

But I would like to talk a little differently about love if you allow me too

You see love is painful

Love is hard

Love cuts deep

Love leaves scars

So today we don’t commit only to the glamour and the glitz

But to the real journey of love, my love, do you commit to it?

I vow to love you when it hurts

When the odds are stacked against us and we don’t know how it’s going to work

I vow to love you when it stings

Putting everything above myself, putting on hold my wants, my needs, my dreams

I vow to love you when I bleed

Bleeding emotions of confusion when I’m seeing illusions of what’s real

I vow to love you through my needs

Needing understanding and compromise regarding the way that I feel

You see love is painful

Love is hard

Love cuts deep

Love leaves scars

So this day I choose to love you in the way they don’t show you in romance novels and Hollywood flicks

That punch-drunk love

That get-you-out-of-a-funk love

That love come quick

Our child is sick

And it’s still an hour till six

In the morning love

I walk down this isle taking it all in

Leaving nothing for granted

I walked down this isle and now I’m all in

My feet firmly planted

Ready to grow in the soil of true love

That love that doesn’t break under pressure

Ready to lock arms and toil with you love

For ever and ever and ever

You see love is painful

Love is hard

Love cuts deep

And love leaves scars

I soberly recognize the truth of love

So I will never turn and walk away

My heart has been turned to you, my love

And my love is here to stay

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