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25: SPECIAL: Analyze "Jessica and Jeff" episode with special guest Damian Boyd

In this special episode I interview Damian Boyd, founding Pastor of Vertical Church in Atlanta, and pick his brain on the pitfalls and systems that allowed the scenario in our "Jessica and Jeff" episode to unfold. Listen as we unpack the episode and discuss some of the guardrails that should be in place to allow for church health and healing.

Flags and Tips for Identifying Unhealthy Leadership or Church Environments:

  1. Must be aware of your own hurt and injury

  2. Don’t ignore patterns and history of a leader

  3. Narcissistic leadership - demigod status

  4. Keep an eye on Utilitarian leadership style

  5. Journey to health does not start with complete honesty and authenticity

  6. A leader can’t share any of their vulnerabilities or issues publicly

  7. Pastor gets offended when they are not called by their title

  8. When those in the mentor relationship never become peers

  9. Demanded loyalty - loyalty only exercised in a single direction, not reciprocal

  10. Focus is on membership at that particular church more than on the Kingdom of God - “Nobody is as good as us” mentality

  11. A church that cannot launch leaders - only hoards them

  12. “Spiritual father” relationship that puts the emphasis on the kind of son or daughter you need to be and not the kind of father they need to be

Guardrails to put in place for personal and church health:

  1. Another church looks in your church, looks in on your finances, looks in on your lifestyle

  2. A board of quality leaders that make big decisions for the church

  3. The board can fire him or recommend that he be fired

  4. Vital to have other people in your life for correction, adjustment, and FRIENDSHIP - Cannot be an island!

If you have been hurt remember, life is too short to:

  1. Remain angry at a Pastor that messed up

  2. Remain in a church where a Pastor is unrepentant

  3. Not to fulfill God’s plan for your life

  4. Stay out of spiritual community because of hurt

Damian Boyd Contact Information:

Music for the interview portion of this episode was found at: - Track "Deliberation"

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